Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Madden is 4 months old today!!! I can't believe how fast time is going. We have his 4 month check-up ( and shots : ( ) tomorrow. I am curious to see how big my sweet baby is. I started him on a little cereal because he is a little chunky monkey and wants more food. He loves it! He did very well with his first experience with the spoon. Unfortunately though, the whole myth of babies sleeping better when you give them some cereal to fill up their little tummies during the night..........uh yeah not so much! He still is a little booger when it comes to me getting some much needed sleep. He is still waking up multiple times during the night!!! Ugh I hope it ends soon.
McCallister is in 1st grade now and loving it! He is happy that his friends he made in kindergarten are in his class again this year. He has also met some new little buddies and is quite the little social butterfly! He is staying busy between his play dates with his friends and football 3 days a week, it's a wonder he has time for his mom to get a second to just cuddle with her baby! He is so funny now that he is 6 he thinks he is all grown up. I always tell him he is 6 going on 16 so if you ask him his age that is what he will tell ya!
Well it's getting late and I should have been to bed hours ago but, I turned into an Internet junkie lately. ha ha I will post some pics soon. Sorry I am still getting used to all this, all this blogging stuff is new to me.
I will talk to you all later.

Lots o' Love.......


Anonymous said...

hi there
you know should be taking a nap right. so stop reading this. then i already typed a comment and it dissapeared and now i had to make a new one . so if ya get 2 from me its cuz im retarded. lol
this is cool ya did this and i enjoyed it
thanks and tell all hello. kiss that lil guy too

and Brooklyn makes 3! said...

Hey there~ you need to post pictures of your cute ones!!! Interested to see how big your Madden is opn his 4 month! Welcome to the blog family!!!!

Riecke's said...

Way to get into the blogger groupies! I started a couple years ago. it definitely is a great way to update far away friends and family! you need some pics on here. you'll figure it all out...u just have to play around a bit! the boys are gorgeous! take care. need to get together sometime. join our playdate groups! that would be fun!