Monday, October 27, 2008

They just grow way too fast.....

I can't believe my little pumpkin is just a few days away from 5 months old! Time just goes by so fast. (I look at Cal and think where did the last 6 years go???? )Although it is sad that time flies by, it is fun to see Madden grow and develop his little personality. He is really grown to be such a wonderful and good boy! I struggled the first few months with him because he was pretty fussy and had colic. Thankfully he has pretty much outgrown it and became such a happy little boy! He is so much fun now a days. He just loves to play with his feet and roll around on the floor. He loves all his different little toys, he loves to munch on his fingers and even his toes! ha ha It's so cute he will bring his feet to his mouth and just go to town on his toes. Too cute! He is sooooo vocal! He loves to hear himself talk and LOVES to look at himself in the mirror!! I will sit him in his bumbo and put him in front of the mirror and he will just smile and laugh and talk! I love to watch him! He loves attention and to be talked to, especially from the ladies and his brother. It is so awesome to watch him and Cal interact. Madden really loves his brother and will just stare at him. It is so cute to listen to Cal talk to him. He calls him booga.....
Well enough bragging about my babies, thanks for listening to me babble. Here are some cute pictures that I got enjoy.........

It's fun to have a little brother, you can do this to him.

Admiring myself in the mirror!

Me and my brother!

That's right.......I make this bib look good!

My mommy loves me.

Attention family and friends that do not have a blog on this site!

So with the help of a fellow blogger (thanks Anjee) I think I found a way for you all to sign up to receive an email when I update my blog!! There is a box on the upper left area of my blog that says to enter your email here. Once you enter your email then you just have to confirm your "subscription" to my blog and then you should receive emails when I update. I haven't tested this theory but, I subscribed my sister to my blog so I guess she will let me know. Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Would you be able to help the new blogger.....

So I am new at this whole blogging thing and I am still trying to figure out all the tricks of the trade! The whole reason I started this was to keep friends and family updated since most of my fam lives out of state. I was just wondering if there is a way to do a couple things on here:

1) is there a way to set up a feature that will alert people when you have a new post? if so, how do you do it? can I make a list with emails I want to send it to?

2) is there a way to set up a guestbook or link for people to sign in and leave a comment that they stopped by besides by a post???

If you have any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks my fellow bloggers...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch with my Pumpkins!!

So we went to Vertuccio Farms way the heck out there! Well for us anyways, since we are coming from South Scottsdale. It was pretty fun, we have never been there but, heard about it through some friends. It was a pretty cool evening but, I sort of liked it because it reminded me of being back home in the Midwest! It made it really feel like fall. I miss the changing of the leaves and that cool, crisp fall weather. It was kind of nice to pull out the sweater and put it on (even if it only was for the one evening)! Madden had his first time in a bouncy with the assistance of his big brother. Of course, I only let him in there because there were no other kids in there at the time. We took a look at the animals and went into this huge corn maze! It was actually pretty cool, I have never been in one before and it was neat being in it at night. It was kind of creepy at first but then some other people came in so it made it a little less scary! I guess I am a wimp! It would actually make a good haunted house going thru there. Just add some young kids to jump out and scare you! We ended the night out by picking out some pumpkins and ( of course ) a photo shoot! he he he

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Out of Africa Wild Animal Park

So .....Cal had Fall break this week so we spent yesterday at the Out of Africa Wild Animal Park in Camp Verde! It was a beautiful day and Cal had a blast!!! First we went a Serengeti Tour where we could feed the animals. The tour guide told us we could either feed the animals the treats from our flat palm or if we wanted to get kissed by a giraffe we could put the carrot in our lips and the giraffe would grab it out and you would get a kiss. Being the animal lover that he is, my brave little man opted for the kiss!! It was pretty cool to watch him get kissed by the giraffe. He was so excited and was so brave! We saw all sorts of different animals from giraffes to zebras to baby grizzlies to a 3 legged cheetah!! It was a neat park but, was a little on the pricey side. For the money we paid, we expected a little more but, Cal had fun and that is all that matters! One the way home we stopped off at the Rock Springs Cafe a favorite of my moms. It is a cute little restaurant with pies to die for!!

McCallister just after he got kissed from the Giraffe named Pilgram!

The 3 legged cheetah or jaguar one of those wild cats!

My cute lil' Davey Crockett!