Sunday, January 18, 2009

7 months and almost 7!!!

Hard to believe my oldest baby is going to be seven in a few weeks!! Where did the years go???? McCallister started his soccer season last week and had his 2nd game yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to work but, I heard he had a great game!!! Chad said he was very aggressive, maybe too aggressive, as he got a bloody nose as a result of a collide of heads! He was a brave young man though and he shook it off! Maybe it was a good thing I wasn't there, I hate seeing things bad happen to him and I probably would have embarrassed him by running out on the field and swooping him up and kissing him! McCallister turn 7 on Feb. 13th so we are having his party on Valentines day! We are going to have a party at the park and rent a huge jumper/bouncer. It should be a blast as always, I will be sure to post some pix!

Madden is going to be 8 months on the 28th! Now that I really can't believe!!! He is closer to being a year old then I would like. He is so fun and really had a lot of changes with the new year!! He is eating all sorts of yummy food, basically whatever I can smash up small enough for him to eat he gets! He loves food!!! His most recent new food he started eating is toast and he loves it!! Thankfully, we have not ran into any sort of reactions to any foods so that is good for us and him. Allergies don't run in my family or Chad's and Cal can eat anything (he just doesn't) so I think Madden will be the same! He still has NO teeth. Gosh I am beginning to wonder if there are any in there! ha ha Maybe God forgot to install them. LOL He is starting to get a little mobile. He likes to go from a sitting position to his belly and then kind of circle all around on his belly chasing after his toys! Its cute to watch and it is nice that he can entertain himself more now so mommy can get some things done around the house!!
Well that is all for now! Here are a few pictures of my sweet boys! Enjoy......

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The Newmans said...

I love the last picture with the hat...too cute!