Friday, February 6, 2009

8 Months old!!

So Madden is 8 months old and as of Feb. 1st he started the army crawl. He was slow to start and now he just gets all over the place and into everything! Yikes. Now the work REALLY begins! It was nice to set him down with his toys and not worry about him going anywhere!! He still isn't at his full potential so I am sure these next fews weeks will bring the real mobility!! Yikes!! He is such a happy baby and everywhere we go people comment on how happy and cute he is. It sure makes me feel proud to be his mommy!! He still has no teeth yet!! The doctor told us at his 6 month check up that he could see the start of them and that they should be in soon Here we are still waiting. It's okay with me though, he still looks so little to me and like a baby and when he gets his teeth it will just remind me of how fast they grow. He is just s riot to listen and watch. His new thing along with crawling is this high pitched sort of scream, yes I know it sounds like it would be horrible but, really it is the cutest thing! He has discovered his voice and how loud it actually can go and he wants to use it!! He will scream and then laugh and think did I just do that?!?!? It's too cute! Despite having no teeth, he eats anything and everything that is soft enough for him to "gum" up. He loves, loves, loves food!! He is not picky at all which is great since Cal eats like a bird!! Well that is all for now! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful weather here in AZ! If you live elsewhere then I am sorry you are not here with us:)


Elizabeth said...

He's so cute! I just love his cheeks! It's funny how all of our little ones are so different! Elijah still isn't crawling but he sure rolls everywhere.

DeVore said...

hey! of course I don't mind! i love all your pics too! your boys are so adorable!