Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally his 1st tooth...

So Madden finally cut his first tooth at almost 9 months old (he will be 9 months on the 28th)!! It is on the bottom and it is finally thru but, not all the way out so you can't really get a pic of it or I would show you all! He has actually been a VERY good boy considering the pain he must be going thru!! He just has been really clingy to me and cries if I walk away! It's cute yet, stressful at times! It looks like the other bottom one isn't far away!!! I hope he isn't too crabby on our trip to Australia! Well I will post pix as soon as you can see it more clearly! My baby is all grown up.....ok so not really but, it seems like it to me :)

Also, coming soon I will post some pix from Cal's 7th Birthday Bash!! We had a blast!! I am trying to find the time it is just hard with the baby. He doesn't seem to want to entertain himself long enough for me to upload all the pix! :)

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