Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sorry I know it has been weeks since we have returned from Australia but, I have been so busy and then got a bad sinus cold. I am finally feeling better and found the time to quickly write a little something!! Australia was awesome!! So beautiful!!! We went to 3 different states within AUS Sydney, Cairns, and Brisbane. Sydney was really cool, it reminded me a lot of New York, very big city!! Lots of business people walking on the streets, lots of cars on narrow roads, etc. We went on a harbor cruise, toured some neat naval ships, went to a museum, etc. Next we went to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, it was so amazing!!! We took a sky rail up into the rain forest to the town of Kuranda. It was soooo cool!!! Hot and sticky but very neat!!! Then we took a train ride back down to the city! There was lots of good shopping here and a neat night market that we went to a couple times. We took a cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef and went snorkeling, rode on a semi-sub, and glass bottom boat and the list goes on. The resort we stayed at here was awesome. It was such a beautiful place and the best part it had a sandy beach pool with swim up bar!!! Last place we visited was Brisbane which is where the Australia (Steve Irwin) Zoo is. Cal LOVED IT! This is the whole reason we even took this trip was to go here!! There is too much to say so I can't write everything but, the bottom line is Australia was AWESOME!!!! We had a blast!!! I will post a few pics from the trip on here. I took a lot so I can't post them all but, if you look on Facebook I posted most of them!!

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