Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Madden is 10 months old!!

Hard to believe that my baby is going to be a year soon!! Man, did time fly by!! He is cruising all over the place, all over the furniture, getting into everything and eating like a pig!! He now has 3 teeth and working on his 4th one. He loves, loves, loves to eat. I can feed him a full meal and he will see me eating and STILL want to eat! I guess he is making up for his big brother who eats like a bird! Madden loves attention and is a very happy baby when he is getting it. He doesn't like to be ignored though so if you think you can set him down and walk away think again! ha ha I love watching him and McCallister together! Madden just adores his big brother and Cal absolutely loves his baby brother. He tells me all the time, I just love Madden, he is the best little brother anyone could have! So cute....just melts my heart! Madden will just stare at him when he is talking to him and (it is so cute) Cal will sing him to sleep. I love the bond my boys share and am looking forward to it growing stronger and stronger as the years pass!

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