Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick April Update!

So it has been a long time since I updated my blog....not too much new going on! Madden is a couple days away from turning 11 months old :( I can't believe how fast the year went by! He isn't walking yet but, he does cruise around all the furniture and whatever else he can get his hands on. He is always on the go and his new thing is crawling back in the playroom by his big brother and "helping" him with his crafts and legos. Cal loves his baby brother but, he doesn't like when he messes with his "stuff". This keeps me very busy bc I am constantly chasing the baby down to make sure he doesn't tear apart all the stuff that Cal has built out of Legos. We are currently looking to move into a bigger house (bc we have soooo outgrown this one) and I can't wait so that I can make some changes of where the Lego collection is going to go. It isn't fair for the baby not to be able to play in the "playroom"!! I guess this is what happens when you have one child for 6 years!! The whole room is consumed by Cal's toys and such which leaves no room for poor Madden and his stuff. Hopefully, the problem will be solved soon!!
Madden has 4 teeth now and eats everything and anything! This kid LOVES to eat and that's no joke!! I might be putting him on a diet when he is older! ha ha ha He is so fun now with his cute little personality!! His most recent thing is he started to clap. It was so cute bc we were in church and after the choir sang he started to clap!
McCallister is keeping busy with sports.... he is playing baseball right now and then will start flag football in the fall. His big thing right now is making arts and crafts he makes a huge mess but, it makes him happy so that makes me happy!
I feel so blessed to have two such beautiful and healthy boys!! Live doesn't get any better then that!! When I am having a bad day I just look at them and it makes everything ok!!

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What about May and June updates...hello?!