Monday, November 24, 2008

Ha ha this is Funny! Tag Now I am it!!

So Anjee you got me. So the challenge; pick the 4th album on my computer, pick the 4th picture in the album, and write 4 things about it, then challenge 4 of my friends to do it! Well this is funny because the 4th album on my computer happens to be the "sample" album that comes on the computer. ha ha I thought that was funny so I am following the rules so here I go.

1. I didn't take this photo but, it sure is beautiful!

2. Reminds me of a white christmas back home!

3. Looks sooooo cold. Wonder how many deer are in that forest?!?!

4. WOnder where this photo was taken at? and by who?

So I challenge Wende Scholzen, Lynda Newman, Tammy Chisholm, and Julia Johnston

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