Monday, November 10, 2008


So I took McCallister to his first Nascar race this past Sunday! We really aren't big Nascar fans but, Chad got some tickets from a client and they were really good seats so we went for a little bit. I thought it would be an experience for him. He liked it but, he just said that it was too loud after a while. We stayed for a couple hours, we bought a couple things for my sister (who is a huge Nascar fan), sat in our seats for a while and watched the cars go round and round :P, then walked down closer to the track and watched for a bit, then headed out. The nice man next to us let Cal use his binoculars so he could get a better look at things. We were right by the pit so Cal liked to watch the cars pull off and get fixed! Those couple hours were enough for us. It was a fun experience for him but, let's face it, how many times can you watch the cars go around before you get tired of it. (or as Chad says how many times can you watch them make a left turn!) ha ha
We had a good time and we thank the man who gave us the tickets! I will post pictures soon!
GO #17!!!!!!!!! That's for you NE NE!!!!!!!!

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