Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween 2008

Okay so I know I am a little late with posting these but, better late then never right?? This year we did things a little different then just going house to house for candy. My friend invited us to her neighborhood block party where they had a band, lots of food, raffles, a haunted house, and a bouncer for the kids! I figured it would be something different and fun to do this year. We did go house to house for a little while but, spent most of the night at the block party. That was fine with me since I don't allow Cal to have that much candy and then I would end up eating it all! Cal had a blast! He spent most of the night going back and forth between the bouncer and the haunted house. We had lots of fun listening to the band, chatting with friends, and eating good grub. Cal was a Army guy (or spy as he calls it) and Madden was a pea in a pod. Madden even won best costume for his 1st trick or treat! Yay Madden!!! Here are some pics! Hope you all enjoy!

Cal carved these all by himself! One for him, one for his brother!

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